ROC Compliance
We provide our clients with services relating to Company Laws and Securities related Laws. Some of the services rendered by us are as follows:


  • Secretarial Compliance Audit
  • Merger/Amalgamation/Demerger
  • Company Law issues relating to – holding of meetings, maintenance/
    filing of records / returns, Corporate Governance, ESOP, Buy back etc.
  • Drafting of Director’s Report, Corporate Governance Report, Annual Report
    presentation Periodical advisory and/or retainer basis for Private.


  • Statutory Declaration in Form- 1 for Incorporation of new company in India.
  • Verification of declaration in Form 19, 20 and 20A for compliance to commencement of business.
  • Certify compliance of requirement under Schedule XIII.
  • Signing of Annual Return of Private/Public/Listed companies.


  • Return of change of Directorship.
  • Yearly Annual Return
  • Intimation to R.O.C of any Special Resolution passed by the company.
  • Return of Increase in the Authorized Share Capital.
  • Return for registration of creation /modification/satisfaction of charges on the assets of the company.
  • Return of appointment of Managing Directors/Whole time Directors/Manager etc.
  • Register of Members u/s 150.
  • Register of Directors, Manager, Managing Director and Secretary u/s 303.
  • Register of Directors Shareholding u/s 307.
  • Register of Applications and Allotments.
  • Register of Transfers.
  • Register of Attendance of Board and General Meetings.
  • Minutes Books of Board and General Meetings & etc.

Services for specific assignments like obtaining Central Government Approval, SEBI Approval, ROC Approval, Written opinion, Certification etc.

Preparation of the Status and Search Report from Registrar of Companies for Banks / Financial Institutions.